Malang is the second largest city in East Java. This city has a strong history related to the kingdom of Singhasari. During the period of Dutch colonization, Malang was a popular destination for European residents. The city is also well known for its mild climate.

Many people in East Java sometimes call it “Paris of East Java.”
  • Batu is a part of Malang city (second biggest city in East java). Its about 15 km west of Malang. Batu once dubbed as Little Switzerland on Java island and the cool mountain tourist area. Batu known as centre of Malang tourist destination.
  • Jago Temple (Indonesian: Candi Jago) is a 13th-century Hindu temple from the Singhasari kingdom in East Java, Indonesia, located about 22 km from Malang. The Nagarakretagama written in 14th century mentioned this temple as Jajaghu, as one of the temples visited by King Hayam Wuruk during his royal tour across East Java.
  • Approximately 30 kilometers from Mount Bromo, there is one beautiful waterfall named Waterfall Coban Pelangi which became part of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park
    People call this waterfall as Coban Pelangi (Indonesia: coban=waterfall, pelangi=rainbow) because there are so many rainbow appeared around the waterfall.This rainbow is caused by light reflecting on water droplets in the atmosphere, that resulting in a spectrum of light appeared at the waterfall.

    Coban Pelangi about 30 meters above sea level. Still very natural, with pine trees making it suitable for a holiday in a beautiful landscape around Coban Pelangi. And if you’re lucky, you’ll see the rainbow like the name of this waterfall.