Destination :
  1. Museum transportation
  2. Picking apples/orange in the garden
  3. Coban Rondo Waterfall
  4. Paragliding area (optional)
  5. Bromo Sunrise View Point (Penanjakan)
  6. Mount Bromo sea of sand
  7. Mount Bromo crater
  8. Mount Ijen Blue Flame crater
  9. Surabaya airport or hotel or Ketapang Port

Itinerary details:

Day 1 : Surabaya – Batu Town
  • Shuttle from Surabaya airport or hotel or railway station or other places using private transportation from our company.
  • Driving approximately 4 hours trip to the destined hotel in Batu area.
  • Check in at Batu area using Standard Room with facilities such as: breakfast, hot showers and cold water.
  • Visiting Museum transportation. This museum now a house for more than 350 vehicles and it's the first and largest transportation museum in Indonesia including cars, aircraft, trains and ships
  • Free program (have a rest)

Day 2 : Batu Town – Mount Bromo Area
  • After having breakfast, we proceed to check out and headed towards apples/oranges garden, coban rondo waterfall and paragliding area if we still have a time.
  • Driving approximately 4 hours trip to the destined hotel in Bromo area.
  • Check in at Bromo Permai or Cafe Lava or Pondok Wisata Adas or others using Standard Room with facilities such as: breakfast, hot showers and cold water.
  • Free program (have a rest)

Day 3 : Bromo Tour – Mt. Ijen Area
  • Wake up in early morning at 02.30 am.
  • At 03:00 am, 4×4 WD Jeep that will be used for Bromo Tour will pick us up in hotel.
  • Preparing for a journey to Bromo by visiting:
    1. Penanjakan Peak : Penanjakan Peak is the highest point on Mount Bromo to see the Sunrise and also the view of Mount Bromo, Mount Batok and Mount Semeru in the distance. If there is an over crowded condition in Penanjakan peak, we could visit an area under Penanjakan (about 500 meters from Penanjakan) to Bukit Kingkong (english: Kingkong Hill) and Bukit Cinta (english: Love Hill). They also have a superb view as well as from Penanjakan Peak. After satisfying yourself in Penanjakan Peak, we could go back to the jeep and continue to the next destination.
    2. Mount Bromo Sea of Sand
    3. Mount Bromo Crater : After Penanjakan Peak, the jeep 4WD will bring you down to the sea of sand of Bromo before they parked in the parking area

From here, we could continue the journey on foot in the sea of sands of Bromo and pass the stairs up to the crater. It takes about 30-45 minutes towards the edge of the crater of Mount Bromo

Enjoy the exotic views of Bromo crater (for attention, please be careful while stepping on the edge of the crater for its narrow road).

  • Back to jeep parking area, leave sea of sand Bromo.
  • Back to the hotel and arrived around 9 am.
  • Having breakfast at the hotel, free and easy then prepare for check out.
  • At 11:00 am, check out will be proceed.
  • We leave the area of Mount Bromo and drive for around 5 hours towards Mount Ijen.
  • On the way to Mount Ijen, we could stop at the local restaurant for lunch.
  • Finally, around 5 pm we will arrive at the hotel/homestay near Ijen.
  • Check-in at Ijen View Hotel or Palm Hotel or Arabica Homestay or others using Standard rooms, with facilities such as: breakfast, hot showers and cold water.
  • Free program (have a rest)

Day 4 :: Mt. Ijen Blue Fire Tour – Surabaya Airport/Hotel or Ketapang Port
  • Wake up at 12:10 am morning and get ready for the tour to the crater.
  • Around 12:30 in the morning, the check out from hotel/homestay is proceed and the breakfast will be packed in a box.
  • Drivers will take us towards Paltuding. That’s the starting point before climbing Mount Ijen.
  • The distance from hotel is about 2 hours, and the preparation to climb Mount Ijen is about 15 minutes.
  • Start climbing Mount Ijen around 02:00 am, accompanied by a local guide.
  • The time needed to reach the summit of Mount Ijen is about 1.5 to 2 hours.
  • Then you can watch the Blue Fire of Mount Ijen from the top with amazing view.
  • The blue fire will be in vision only at night in friendly weather.
  • Blue fire sulphur is sulphur with high temperature. It looks like burned sulphur in the dark.
  • After watch the blue fire, we will stay at the top of Mount Ijen. Waiting for the beauty sunrise to come. (if we have still enough time)
  • We will see the lake of Ijen with tosca green color and a lot of sulfur miners hauling sulfur in bamboo baskets to be brought to Paltuding, near with our starting point of departure.
  • At 07:00 am, we left the summit of Mount Ijen and return back to Paltuding.
  • Around 8.30am, we reach Paltuding.
  • We could relax for a while and around 9 am, we leave Paltuding to go back toward Surabaya or to the Port of Ketapang if you wished to continue your trip to Bali.
  • Bromo Ijen  tour package is completed.

Note :
If we are going back to Surabaya, the time required is approximately 7-8 hours. If we are going to Bali, then we must go first to the Port of Ketapang, the time required to reach the Port of Ketapang from Paltuding is about 1,5 hours.

What is included :
  • Private transport during bromo ijen tour package for 3D2N include cars, fuel, driver, toll charges and parking.
  • An experienced driver
  • Jeep 4×4 WD for Bromo Tour
  • Stay one night at Bromo in Bromo Permai Hotel or Cafe Lava or Pondok Wisata Adas or others
  • Standard room with breakfast, shower hot water and cold water
  • Stay one night at Ijen area in Ijen View Hotel or Palm Hotel or Arabica homestay or others
  • Standard room with breakfast, hot or cold water shower.
  • Local guide Bromo and Ijen
  • 2x breakfast hotel
  • Mineral water
  • Airport transfer

What is not included :
  • Travel Insurance
  • Entrance fees to Bromo and Ijen National Park
  • Horse ride in Bromo
  • Lunch and dinner
  • Airport tax
  • Other personal costs

What to bring :
Warm jacket, flashlight, gloves and thick socks, sunblock, private drugs, gas mask (for Ijen) and other needs

Composition of rooms :
  • 2 pax : 1 standard room
  • 3 pax : 1 standard room + 1 extra bed
  • 4 pax : 2 standard rooms
  • 5 pax : 2 standard rooms + 1 extra bed
  • 6 pax : 3 standard rooms
  • 7 pax : 3 standard rooms + 1 extra bed
  • 8 pax : 4 standard rooms

* Price tour package :
  • 2 pax : IDR 3,200,000 / pax
  • 3 pax : IDR 2,600,000 / pax
  • 4 pax : IDR 2,450,000 / pax
  • 5 pax : IDR 2,250,000 / pax
  • 6 pax : IDR  2,100,000 / pax
  • 7 pax : IDR 1,900,000 / pax
  • 8 pax : IDR 1,800,000 / pax
 *for custom Malang city tour, bromo sunrise tour package, mount ijen blue fire (destination/budget/discount) please contact us.