Mount Bromo Tour

Mount Bromo Tour

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mt bromo volcano

Mount Bromo Indonesia (2,329m/7,641ft) is one of the most active volcanoes in Java, Indonesia. Located in Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, which is a popular tourist destination, it’s about 4 hour from capital city of East Java – Surabaya

Mount Bromo fronted the scenery with another volcano Mount Semeru as its back piece. Beside of mount bromo are mount Batok (extinct volcano) which looks impressive in its outer appearance with green colour and furrowed surface with almost perfect cone shape. Temperature could easily between 5 to 10 degrees celsius.

The landscapes of mount bromo are spectacular – many say this most spectacular in Indonesia – and the region is home to the Hindu Tengger community, distinct from the predominantly Muslim lowland Javanese.

The name ‘Bromo’ is derived from Brahma, one of the most important Hindu gods. Since the people who live around are members of the Tengger tribe, who are not Muslims but Hindus, there is a small Hindu temple (Pura Luhur Poten) placed at the foot of Gunung Bromo

Mount bromo has volcanic cone emerges from the crater at 133m while inside Bromo’s cone is a beautiful turquoise acid lake, with acidity levels up to 25%. Sometimes the crater gave out a white sulphuric gas. Prepare your mask with you, the smell of the sulphur can really make you cough hard.

The beauties of mount bromo cover a massive area of 800 square kilometres in the centre of East Java. Also the remarkable 10km barren desert which local people call “lautan pasir” (sea of sand).

There is a distance of a few kilometers for you to walk to the foot of Mount Bromo. You can follow clearly marked tracks across the sand of sea that leads to the foot of Bromo and passing a Hindu temple along the way. Alternatively you can rent a 4×4 jeep or hire a pony horse from Cemoro Lawang.

bromo tour package

another view from penanjakan sunrise view point

From the view-point of Mount Penanjakan (2700m), you can see the magnificent sight of Mount Bromo clearly. What makes mount bromo tour so special is that surrounding this mountain are dramatic landscapes to complete a wholesome picture, like one from a painting. It’s definitely one of the most impressive landscapes you may ever seen. Bring your cameras, digicams, video cams, handphone, etc, the popular image that we’ve seen in many online sites started to appear soon.

Mount bromo tour package 

is a must-do for travelers who enjoy hiking, trekking and photography “

Many foreign photographers from USA, Netherlands, Singapore, Belgium, etc take the bromo indonesia tour package to photograph mount bromo, catching sunrise and also shoot the milky way. So traveled to mount bromo highly recommended if you are a person with hobby relating to photography.

mount bromo milkyway

mount bromo milky way tour

There are so many ways to get into the Bromo Mountain. Access road also very reachable.

Visitors can come from Probolinggo, through the village of Ngadisari (popular route). Or from Pasuruan via Tosari. The third is via Ngadas. Surely, different access gives different characteristics scenery landscape. With beautiful scenery, easy access and visitor-oriented facilities, it’s no wonder that this one of the most popular destination in the world.

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